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With The Talented Indian : 

Two Lives, One Dream: Follow Jalraj’s Shared Journey In Music

Born in Uttar Pradesh, the two brothers, on account of their father’s job, were raised around the country, spending a majority of their time in Himachal Pradesh, besides others. Coming from a family that stressed on the importance of attaining an educational degree, the two finished their Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering before serving a year out in the field. Music, incidentally, was a, quite literally, due to an accident. At some point in the past, Rajat managed to end up with a broken leg on his birthday. As a conciliatory gesture, their parents bought him a guitar upon his request. That marked the beginning of their musical journey.....

March 28, 2021

With Radio and Music :

02 Oct 2020 

Singer Jalraj's debut track 'Sunn zara' features Shivin Narang and Tejasswi Prakash

Commenting on his debut, JalRaj believe they could not have had a better launch pad, “We are glad that Sunn zara will soon be in the public domain and We have had the best time working on it. Indie Music Label specializes in independent music and its the most suitable platform for us as artists. From the get go we were all on the same page and it made the process all the more smooth.”.....

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