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Who are we ?

We are two brothers, Jalaj (29) & Rajat (28), based out of Chandigarh, who just love music. If you take first 3 letters of each name, you will get "JalRaj". With over 100 covers, 30 Original songs and a MILLION Subscribers on YouTube, We can now say that yes, we can Compose, write and sing a bit.
We come from a  middle class family and like everybody else, have dreams that most of the times are called as 'Impossible'. 
We have completed our Bachelors in Civil Engineering from BUEST, Himachal Pradesh (can't tell you the marks though).
We have lived in Himachal Pradesh for more than 15 years and even though we are now settled in Mohali, Himachal will always be our first home. Also, We are not trained musicians or singers, we are just lucky enough to have this skill of learning something that might seem very different or difficult for someone else. 
Just to clarify, we are neither Singers nor performers. We are just music lovers who see music from a very simple yet different point of view.

DOB - 
Jalaj - 2nd February, 1992
Rajat - 1st July, 1993


#Independent Artists

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